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RapydCSS is a Python-based implementation of SASS. The syntax and features are the same as in SASS, but RapydCSS does not require Ruby.

You can download RapydCSS from our repository: https://bitbucket.org/pyjeon/rapydcss


RapydCSS is a wrapper around PyScss, which is a Python implementation of SASS. RapydCSS adds support for indented syntax to PyScss, which SASS already has.


RapydCSS relies on PyScss, which you will need to install first:

wget https://github.com/Kronuz/pyScss/zipball/master; unzip master; cd Kronuz-pyScss*; sudo python setup.py install; cd ..; rm master

Now do the following to install RapydCSS:

wget http://bitbucket.org/pyjeon/rapydcss/get/tip.zip; unzip tip.zip; cd pyjeon-rapydcss*; sudo python setup.py install; cd ..; rm tip.zip


Call rapydcss on sass/scss file you wish to compile.

rapydcss mycssfile.sass

The compiler will create a css file with the same name in the same directory.


The only 'feature' RapydCSS adds that SASS doesn't already have is Pythonic support for splitting a line via \ character. The following two statements are equivalent, for example:

border-radius: 5px


RapydCSS doesn't add any additional bells and whistles because SASS already integrates with RapydML and RapydScript cleanly.